Pokédise: Or why I learned to enjoy evolving and hate the SS/HG mom

Posted on April 15, 2011


In life, when you leave the comfort of your home to explore the wide world, does your mom ask to keep your money safe? Maybe. But do they spend the aforementioned money? Hell no.

The items the mom spends your money on in HG/SS are ridiculous. She buys you berries. BERRIES. You can get those if you have a copy of Pearl/diamond/platinum. So whats the point of making an NPC spend your money on stupid stuff?

Also, where the hell is your father? He appears in Ruby/Sapphire/emerald and he’s a gym leader, so surely he is a high power figure in Pokémon. Or maybe he’s a mean wife-leaver, a scumbag if you will.

So far in Black/white, I’ve enjoyed many things. The never-ending TMs, The story, but especially the evolution animation. It just reminds me of the original Charlie and the chocolate factory, when Mike gets turned into something small.

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