Pokédise: Pokémon Black/white review special

Posted on March 18, 2011


Way back in 1995 in Japan, and later in 1998, Pokémon arrived to the millions of Game Stores in the worlds and since then we’ve been captivated. Back then, there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on Legendaries, further more there was only 151 pokémon to catch, although one was only available through a deliberate glitch.

Fast forward 16/13 years later, and we have a LOT of emphasis on legendaries, and a HELL of a lot more Pokemon to catch. Is that a good thing though? Well, I would have to say yes.

The game begins in a nice quaint town, called Nuvema Town. It is here, as with the other games, that you receive your first Pokemon. But then something Different happens. You now have two rival battles, against your childhood friends, who are now already named for you. Cheren seems more like rivals of the past, intent on beating the Champion, where as Bianca just wants to experience the feeling of travelling. You think that they’re the only rivals, but your wrong, for there is N…..

N is a character which is probably one of the best in a Pokemon game ever. But you’ll have to wait and see what N is up to.

Unova is different to previous regions of terms of map detail and new features, such as seasons, which change monthly. The map layout is different as everything is linked by a yellow line, which sort of annoys me

What disappoints me is the lack of new features. The Elite 4 remain largely unchanged, The only difference being you can challenge them in any order. Also the lack of features from HeartGold and SoulSilver such as touch screen menus and the ability to have Pokemon follow you, which were well received when they were released.

All in all this is basically same Old Pokemon, but its the Ultimate same Old Pokemon


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