Top 4 songs that are game related

Posted on March 17, 2011


These are the top 4 songs to come out of a Gaming Related soundtrack, again I don’t own any aspect that these links or any part of the video or song.

4: 2.B.A Master, Pokémon 2.B.A Master

This song is sort of a semi-rap, hip-hop, pop song that sounds sort of like Michael Jackson mixed with the Space Invaders song. It has a nice little “shouting” sequence mixed in and a little Vincent Price in Thriller-esque rap sequence

3: Pac-Man Fever, Buckner and Garcia

This is a song about playing Pac-Man in an arcade. Nuff said. On the list because its sort of crap

2: Ode to a centipede, Buckner and Garcia

The 2nd entry for Buckner and Garcia, although because its pretty crap. But as bad as the next one

1: Space Invaders, Uncle Vic

He’s hooked He’s hooked his brain is cooked! OH GOD This is awful. Chuck Norris would not stand for this one bit!

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