Mario: Everywhere he goes, he brings an amazing Journey. Most of the time.

Posted on March 16, 2011


Mario. Everyone knows who MARIO is right. Of course they do. It’s Mario.

Mario has been Nintendo’s mascot come “overused ” character for a many a year.Since his first appearance in Donkey Kong in arcades across the world to his recent somewhat disappointing outing in Mario Sports Mix. Mario has had many outings as a plumber, a golfer, a tennis player, a soccer star, a kart racer, a referee, a basketball star, a snowboarder,a doctor, an archaeologist, the list goes on and on. Is Nintendo milking Mario? Definitely. Do we mind? Not really.

We may complain about Nintendo over using Mario, but when we have games like Galaxy and Super Mario 64, sometimes we can’t complain.


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