Feature: Pokédise: How one person got me interested in Pikachu and Pokemon all over again

Posted on March 16, 2011


I was walking down a green grassy road and into a patch of dark, mysterious grass. Suddenly out jumped a dog like creature and we commeneced in battle. That is the sentence that I would use to describe my first 5 minutes in pokemon White. and I’m loving it.

Pokemon has always been a big deal to me. I started off on Pearl, then went to Emerald and Yellow. I am not a bit ashamed to say I own one version of each DS Game, from Pearl to White, and that I am proud to own them. I have a little ds keyring that has a little screenshot of Pearl in it, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Rescue team Explorers of time, Pokemon figures from when I was six, theres a lot of things on this list.

Recently I began to feel like I wouldn’t play Pokemon for ages as I felt that after White I wouldn’t want to play Pokemon again. But today someone changed that feeling. I won’t say their name but let’s just say I’m lending him Emerald. He was enthsiastic about replying Sapphire, which got me thinking: I should start dusting off Pearl and Explorers of time and Ranger ( even if I have completed the latter twice) and enjoy them again and again.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will fully enjoy them again. and again. and maybe again.

Because Pokemon have that replay value, because by using  of the mission to Catch them all. That one simple phrase has inspired millions of gamers to pick up Pokemon since the days of Red and Blue and set out to catch the original 151 pokemon. Which got me thinking. How about I try and catch every single Pokemon ever through legit means, by using the games at my disposal.  But then it hit me. Mew and Deoxys and Celebi and Jirachi. Well we’ll have to just wait and see, my friends, wait and see…….

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