Feature: Kirby: Superstar or just pulling the wool over our eyes?

Posted on March 16, 2011


Kirby has charmed us and found a place in our hearts ever since 1992, when Kirby’s Dream Land for the Gameboy was released. Back then he was white, but we all know him today as being that lovable pink blob who has been a pinball, a golf-ball, a plain ball and even made out of wool. He’s faced off against enemies including King DeDeDe, Meta Knight and Drawcia, and has starred on every single main Nintendo console in some form.

What makes Kirby so great is his appeal to people of all ages. Children love him because he’s ” cute” and more mature people love him because he brings a much-needed “coolness” to us, I have started to notice that I usually pick Kirby in any Super Smash Bros game, because he’s a great fighter and has excellent moves. It’s good to see Nintendo repeatedly supporting characters like Mario and Zelda, but it’s even better seeing them give excellent games to characters like Kirby, which not a lot of people might not be familiar with.

Kirby’s status is ever-growing stronger and stronger, with releases of Kirby games on Virtual Console, and games like SuperStar Ultra and Epic Yarn, Kirby will definitely be around for years to come. He is truly a superstar in my mind.

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