Ninja Bread man: just like Arnie said ” Put that cookie down!”

Posted on March 13, 2011


Oh dear. Ninjabread man. If I could have that as the review I would be happy, but this is a semi-value for clicking blog and I must keep it that way.

To start, Ninja Bread man is notorious among gamers as being abysmal. For starters, there is only 3 levels, but if you count the tutorial there’s 4. Now that is just awful.  Plus, each level basically repeats the design, and the background is god knows what. Also the controls are stupid and using the wiimote as a sword may sound easy, but this game makes sure that you have been forced to clean your mouth out with soap by the end of the first level. The enemies are stupid too, as it seems only cakes and bees oppose our hero. Fecking cakes and bees. The camera is shoddy at most times also. Just destroy or desecrate it if you ever see it, which I doubt you will as I have never seen it on sale in any shop what so ever.

All in all, just stay away from Ninja bread man.

-1,00000000000/ 8, that’s a big negative

Coming up, Rock and Roll “advnetures” and wheelspin

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