Box Art: Phalanx

Posted on March 13, 2011


When ever the words ” terrible unusual video game box art” or something similar are searched on the internet, you can be sure that Phalanx will turn up. This game is a shooter set in space. Sounds OK so far. But then you see the box art. What the hell does an OAP banjo-playing coot have to do with a space-shooter? Hey, at least it wasn’t Chuck Norris playing the Kazoo, huh?

This old man has a slighty suggestive expression, like he was thinking ” I want to come at you and do stuff to you”.

I have no doubt that this is probably a good game, despite confused Suggestive Coots and oddly enough, spaceships that resemble a part of the male anatomy. Seriously look up those spaceships they look EXTREMELY like one of those male things.

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